Elite Goes Green

Elite Rent-a-Car has taken the initiative to make 0-emissions electric vehicles available. ...

Tesla is in the market of making high-end consumer vehicles that miraculously run on very same fuel your cell phone uses: electricity.


So, What does this mean? At first glance, the defining feature of this electric car is its ability to get passengers from point A to B with spilling so much as a single gram of CO2. The second defining feature is seen in its swooping sedan design that evoques the clean lines and emotions of our times. The third feature of this special vehicle is discovered once inside the cabin; a full 17 inch high-resolution screen that display everything from sunroof settings to navigation to youtube.


Even with this car's impressive record-setting technology, the one feature which more than any other defines the car is acceleration! The electric motor's  capacity to produce maximum torque as of 0 rpm translates into incredible acceleration figures. The tesla can easily manage a 0-100km/h acceleration in only 4.0 seconds while some models are known to do the same in as little as under 3.0 seconds.


This being said, withholding acceleration figures, electric vehicles are incredibly silent and relaxing cars to drive or be driven in. Elite Chauffeured Services have implemented Tesla Model S's over the past year to provide clients with a limousine experience unlike any other. By virtue of a completely silent ride, a futuristic and comfortable cabin as well as it's zero-emissions capability, the Tesla Model S is ideal for eco-minded customers who don't want to compromise on great service.


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