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Rent a McLaren with Elite Rent-a-Car. With Elite you will get the opportunity to experience the essence of McLaren. Rent our 650 S spider, 720 S, or 600 LT. Hire a Mclaren in Switzerland, France, Monaco, Germany, Italy and Czech Republic. Choose our custom delivery service in Geneva, Zurich, Paris, Cannes, Nice, Monaco, Milan, Rome, Munich and Prague.

About McLaren

Initially founded by New Zelander Bruce McLaren in 1960, the McLaren Technology Company has its roots in racing. McLaren racecars featured in the Indianapolis 500 series, the CANAM series and, most famously, in the F1 championship. Having seen a lot of success in F1 during the 80’s, McLaren decided to give consumer road cars a try.

And what a try it was… The famed “F1” model made its debut in 1992 and ended its production run in 1999. During these seven years the F1 held the speed record title for production cars. The F1 boasted a top speed of 386 km/h and kept this record until 2005 when Bugatti released the Veyron. McLaren only made 106 examples of the vehicle, making it a rare sight to behold.

The F1 remained the only production car to come out of the McLaren factory in Woking until 2011. In that year, the company would resume its car manufacturing activities with the McLaren 12-C, a 600+ horsepower supercar. This was only the beginning however, as McLaren has since added vehicles such as the famed P1, 720s, 560s and 600LT, to name a few.

Quick Tips

McLaren pioneered the use to carbon fiber in motor racing. They introduced the first carbon composites in F1 during the 1981 season with their MP4/1 car.

Being a proud New Zealender, Bruce Mclaren decided to feature a kiwi on company’s first logo. The kiwi is a small flightless bird that is native to New Zealand. The kiwi feature on the McLaren logo until 1981.

McLaren in Europe with Elite Rent-a-Car

Mclaren 570 GT
Engine power: 710HP
Top speed: 340km/h
Seats: 2
Luggage: 1 pieces

FROM 1 550CHF/day

Mclaren 720 S
Engine power: 720HP
Top speed: 341km/h
Seats: 2
Luggage: 1 pieces

FROM 1 950CHF/day