Rent an Exceptional Car with Elite Rent-a-Car

Rent an exceptional car with Elite Rent-a-Car. You can hire a luxury or exotic sportscar or supercar with Elite Rent in Geneva, Zurich, Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Paris, Milan, Rome, Munich, or Prague. Choose from a selection including the Ferrari F8 Spider, Mercedes-AMG GT, Bentley Continental, Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, Rolls-Royce Dawn, and more… We also do custom delivery & collection anywhere in Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, and across Central Europe.

About Exceptional Cars

Initially, cars were developed as means of transport, from point A to B. Often viewed as a purely functional item, we sometimes overlook the care and passion put into the vehicles we drive. However, surely we have all caught a glimpse of a stunning shape at least once. The shape then revealed itself in full color and sound, it’s a supercar, the pinnacle of (road legal) automotive.

Exceptional category cars stand out from the rest of the fleet in several key ways. Firstly, much like living life, driving an Exceptional category car shouldn’t be about the destination one reaches. Instead should be about the journey it took to reach ones destination. Secondly, a supercar is designed to appeal to our emotions. The curvaceous shape and eye-catching colors are an expression of human creativity when unleashed. Combine a jaw-dropping design with the most advance engines, gearboxes, mechanics and you have completed the recipe for a supercar.

With Elite you will find that there is no lack of choice when comes to exotics. Maybe you fancy driving a Ferrari or perhaps the Lamborghini Huracan is the dream car you have always wanted. Or if you want to relax in the lap of luxury then a Rolls-Royce it is… No matter what you are looking for, we will help you find it and rent it!