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Rent a Sport & Convertible car with Elite Rent-a-Car

Rent a Sport & Convertible car with Elite Rent-a-Car. You can hire luxurious off-road cars with Elite Rent in Geneva, Zurich, Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Paris, Milan, Rome, Munich, or Prague. Choose from a selection including the Mercedes E-Class convertible, BMW 4-series Convertible, Porsche Boxster, Mini Cooper Convertible and many more… We also do custom delivery & collection anywhere in Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, and across Central Europe. Book your convertible or sports car online with Elite or contact us directly by email or phone.

About Sport & Convertible Cars

Many mass-produced vehicles come out of the production line for the sole purpose of transporting people. Other cars come out of the production line to give people enjoyment through performance and driving sensation. Elite’s sport & convertible category offers the latter.

Sports cars and convertible come in variety of different shapes and sizes. On one hand, a compact sportscar like the Mini Cooper S demonstrates the agility and fun factor a sports car must have. Likewise, a BMW 4 series convertible also has that fun factor but with upgrades in terms of amenities and comfort. For keen drivers though, the Porsche Boxster S provides unrivalled balance and driving dynamics. Its mid-mounted engine is ideal for handling and makes it a showcase for what great sports car is.

The Sports & convertible category vehicles are perfect for a weekend escape. However, they are equally enjoyable over the course of road trip across Europe’s beautiful sceneries. Drop the top and enjoy the wind in your hair for while cruising along the French Riviera. Or, have a blast dashing through the enchanting Italian countryside. Furthermore, if the weather allows, you could even breeze through the mountain passes found throughout the Swiss Alps.

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