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With a network of agencies and partners all over Europe and overseas, Elite Rent provide you with a service wherever you travel in Europe. Whether it is for exceptional car rental, limousine service or driving tours, We have the capacity to respond positively to your needs.

France / Monaco

Welcome to Elite Limousine France & Monaco Officially called the French Republic, France is country with a rich history and an influential culture. This is made evident when one discovers that over 80 million visitors make their way to France each year. The highly visited country is home to some of the finest customs, cuisines and beverage known to the world. From the north of the country in Deauville to the very south in Saint Tropez, almost every French region is an automatic vacation hotspot. This may partially be due to the fact that the French territory offers the possibility of both summer and winter activities, thus encompassing both of the main leisure travel season. One can experience a multitude of differing landscapes. Paris, likely the center of much of the touristic activity, sees its

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Welcome to Elite Limousine Germany Germany is the largest economy within the European Union and most populous country with an estimated population of over 80 million people. Germany has a variety of landscapes ranging from vast forests to expansive mountain ranges and to bustling port cities like Hamburg. In Munich you will get to experience the annual ‘Oktoberfest’ festival where beer flows like rivers in large drinking halls scattered throughout the city. Only a few hours away is also the famous Black Forest, an expansive woodland covering much of southern Germany that leads up to Stuttgart, another one of Germany’s main cities. In Berlin you will enjoy visiting the various monuments and parks that reflect Germany’s long and perhaps controversial history. Interconnecting all of Germany’s cities is the world-famous Autobahn. This network of highways holds

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Welcome to Elite Limousine Italy Italy is one of the more popular European destinations. With a massive Mediterranean coastline spanning on either side of the country, Italy is an ideal vacation location for people who want the ideal sun & sea vacation. The coast is not the only Italian feature to attract visitors from around the world: Many in-land cities offer insight into traditional Italian culture. The country has rich history and this can be seen through various roman vestiges and middle-age monuments scattered throughout towns and villages. Another important attribute of Italian tradition is cuisine: it Don’t forget Italy is the land of supercars. With car iconic manufacturers including Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati, Italy is the birthplace of the most exquisite performance cars. With Elite, you can rent one of many Italian supercars to

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Welcome to Elite Limousine Switzerland Aside from being the land of chocolate and time, Switzerland is also to home to Elite Rent-a-Car’s Geneva HQ. Ranked as both one of the safest and wealthiest countries on earth, Switzerland has developed a sizeable industry around the principles of hospitality and respect. This means that visitors and tourists floc by the millions each year to view that fantastic scenery and to have a taste of the good life, the Swiss life. Given the relatively high price tags such an economy incurs, it is no secret that Swiss tourism mainly caters to the affluent. Switzerland also boasts some of the most spectacular views nature has to offer. With a variety of different landscapes ranging from expansive flat-lands to narrow valleys to surreal views from the mountain peaks, it is


Geneva - 51 Rue des Pâquis, 1201 Geneva


Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland and one if it’s two primary financial hubs. The city also known for its...

Zurich - Schaffhauserstrasse 152, 8302 Kloten


Zurich is Switzerland's financial and and industrial capital. With a population of over one million...

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Europe & Worldwide

Welcome to Elite Limousine Elite Limousine Service benefits from an Europe & Worldwide network of agencies and affiliated partners who guarantee that you will always find quality and professionalism “made in Elite” in most European cities. From Paris to Moscow via Lausanne, Prague… Elite Chauffeur Service will accompany you on all your business journeys.  We guarantee a quality fleet, with hand-picked drivers who speak several languages and whose mission is not only to take you wherever you want, but also to guarantee your safety and comfort.  So don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below.  Do you need our service a Europe & Worldwide destination? No problems just fill the form and we will get back to you in no time. Request form Elite Europe & Worldwide Chauffered services Variety of limousines services Elite

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