Covid-19: Sanitary Measures & Message of Hope

  "Hope is a state of mind. It is an orientation of the mind and the heart. I ...

A Message of Hope and Support from Elite


"Hope is a state of mind. It is an orientation of the mind and the heart. It is not the belief that something will have a favorable outcome, but the certainty that it has a meaning, no matter what."


-Vaclav Havel-


Dear Friends, Dear Customers, Dear Partners,

As the writer Vaclav Havel describes so well, humanity as a whole is going through an extremely delicate period in its history and seems to be resigned to hoping for better days... and what if, on the contrary, this same period would help us to bring a new era of solidarity and re-think all together our Tomorrow…

Today, the 116 members of the Elite Europe Group send you a message of trust and solidarity and wish you as well as to your beloved all the best and health.

We don't know how long this exceptional situation will last, how many families, friends and colleagues will be affected, nor how much the economy will be impacted, but what we do know is that the top management as well as the whole Elite Team will be at your service with the same availability, kindness, professionalism and flexibility that have always been the intrinsic values of our company.

In order to prioritize and respect the well-being of our employees, as well as abiding by the instructions of the Governmental Institutions, be aware that all of Elite’s employees are connected remotely until further notice.

However, our agencies are closed, but still operational.

All precautionary measures imposed are undertaken to ensure that we provide a safe and quality service (see below).
You can reach us at any time using the following contacts:
By phone: +41 22 909 87 87
By email:
We are extremely grateful for your understanding, continued support and loyalty.

Elite’s team’s thoughts are with you. We look forward to welcoming again you very soon.


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Sanitary Measures for Covid-19


Elite Rent-a-Car is concerned for the wellbeing of our clients. Therefore, we undertook the following measures against the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19.


Limousine Service:

  • The door-handles and cabin of the vehicle are disinfected with an ozone machine and sprayed with a sterilizing solution before each delivery.
  • The vehicle is delivered with a plastic protection around the steering wheel and gear leaver/selector. These protections will be removed by staff during the handover.
  • Elite staff no longer physically greet the client. He/she will no longer shake hands even if a hand is extended to him/her. He/she will simply greet the client from a distance with a head nod.
  • Elite staff will have to keep a minimum distance of 2 meters at all times.
  • Elite staff will have to wear a protective mask at all times during the delivery & collection procedures of vehicle.
  • Each of our staff members' health is closely monitored. In case of any doubt, the staff member is asked to self-quarantine as a precautionary measure.


Luxury Car Rental and Driving Tours:

  • The Driver no longer physically greats the client by shaking his/her hand. He/She greets the client with a head nod.
  • The Driver stays at a minimum distance of 2 meters from the client outside the vehicle.
  • The doors’ handles as well as the armrests and seat belts are cleaned with a disinfectant after each mission.
  • The vehicle cabins are disinfected using an ozone machine after each mission.
  • Personal protective masks and disinfectant gel are available in the cabin.
  • Mineral water bottles will no longer be displayed and will only be provided upon request.
  • Newspapers and magazine as well as tissues and smartphone chargers will only be provided upon request.
  • For each mission, our drivers are required to wear a personal protective mask.
  • Each driver is required to wash and disinfect their hands before and after each mission.
  • Each of our drivers' health is closely monitored. In case of any doubt, the driver is asked to self-quarantine as a precautionary measure.


We would like to remind that individual  and chauffeured transportation remains one of the safest means of transport.


Elite’s Team thanks you for your trust.


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