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We rent exceptional cars to exceptional clients since 1987. Call Elite to book your perfect rental car for your trip...

Since 1987, Elite Rent-a-Car provides exceptional clients with exceptional cars. Only through dedicated service and attention to detail has Elite Rent-a-Car been able to forge such a strong name within the luxury & performance car rental industry and sustain lifelong relations with its best, most loyal customers.


Elite's mission is to cater to the needs and requirements of the most demanding clients and to do so with smile that never fades. Our team and our service prides itself on its customer oriented fundamentals and continues to satisfy clients successfully every single day. 


Renting a car with Elite is not only a guarantee of tangibly superior service, but also a guarantee of model, colour and specification upon reservation. Not only can you reserved your preferred model but you can also organise a custom delivery to wherever you are in Europe or the world. 


With 30 year's experience in the luxury car rental market, Elite Rent-a-Car is the ultimate rental experience delivering only the most premium vehicles with the best service. Choose from a selection of over 600 luxury and performance vehicles around the world. Elite's international network means that, wherever you go, you will be driving in style.

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