The inspired vision of Elite's CEO and founder, Graziella Zanoletti, informs the way we operate. 

Pioneering and passionate, Graziella firmly believes that positive thoughts and attitude can lead to veritable change in the world. This is not only the way in which we choose to do business, but forms the underlying philosophy of the company. At Elite, we strive to maintain the highest standards.

As the leading luxury car rental operator in Europe, serving a discerning and demanding clientele, our professional staff recognize that attention to detail is paramount, and are always prepared to go the extra mile for each customer. Since the company’s inception in 1987, a few key words and phrases have helped define our philosophy and provide motivation for our employees:


  • Service: what else can we do to better serve our clients’ needs?
  • Quality: what can be done better and how can we create greater value for our clients?
  • Availability: can we improve availability and be even more helpful?
  • Respect: how can we show consideration for others and recognise their values?
  • Responsibility: how can we fulfil our duties and give back to the community?

It's on the basis of these five key concerns that we have sought to build the Elite network and expand the scope of our activities. By constantly remembering the importance of these key questions and appraising our answers, we will continue to fuel the dreams of our clients and secure the future successes of our company.


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