The 2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The 2018 S class is now available with Elite!


The 2018 S class is now available with Elite Rent-a-Car and Chauffeured Services!

The S-Class receives a mid-cycle refresh for 2018 with new bumpers, trims and wheel options. From the exterior, one can recognize the 2018 model by its new optics witch now have three LED stripes that accentuate and differentiate the front of the car. However, the most notable changes take place behind the scenes…

The 2018 S-Class interior still defines the industry benchmark for luxury sedans. A beautifully appointed cabin with comfortable reclining seats offers all the comfort of the previous model did, but takes it up a notch with a new, redesigned steering wheel and dashboard displays. The technology behind the new steering wheel has caught up to and surpassed newer Mercedes models but also the rest of the S-Class’ competition: a new generation of assisted driving enables the S-Class to make lane changes as well as bringing improvements to the already very efficient adaptive cruise control. Furthermore, the New S-Class also makes use of banking angles where the car will lean into a turn up to 2.5 degrees, just like a motorcycle, to improve comfort even more.

Call Elite Chauffeured Service for your transport needs, now with the New S-Class 2018 for a high quality, full comfort and zero stress limousine service.

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