The Tesla Model X

The electric trend now goes off-road.

Tesla, the manufacturer of the world’s first mass-produced electric vehicles such as the Model S and Roadster, has now come out with an SUV: the Model X.


The Model X is a full-sized family SUV that can accommodate up to 7 passengers (driver included) at a time – two in the front, three in the middle and two in the back. The Model X is also vastly spacious in terms of luggage/boot space – a must for any SUV – especially with the last row of seats folded. Rest assured though, the quality of the cabin does not reflect this vehicle’s utilitarian traits as the interior is laid thick with leather, technology and comfort.


The exterior of the Model X is quite a radical change from what other SUV’s on the market usually look like. It has rather smooth, continuous lines that remind just as much of a SUV as of a minivan, but form here the similarities end and the differences begin. The most notable difference to the exterior of the car is perhaps the awesomely cool ‘falcon’ rear doors which open vertically. The other distinctive features are the flush door handles and the fact that you don’t even to touch them at all because the door opens automatically.


Last but not least, the major difference that sets the Model X apart from every other SUV currently on the market: IT'S ELECTRIC! The Model X inherits the same mad engines from the Tesla Model S. This means that the range topping model still boasts an astounding 772 horsepower and a 0-100km/h time of only 3.1 seconds.


For those who want to have the best performance and the clearest conscience (in terms of pollution at the least) but who still need everyday practicality, the Tesla Model X offers up a great combination of all three. Call Elite Rent-a-Car and rent one of our brand-new Tesla Model Xs for an electrifying rental experience. Other Tesla Models are also available for hire with Elite including the Tesla Roadster Signature and the Tesla Model S 85D for a low-emission but highly satisfying rental.

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