Loyalty Program

Elite Rent’s Enso Loyalty Program enables you to take full advantage of Elite’s Car Rental and Chauffeured Service internationally.

SMART VALUE - Choose the ENSO Membership card tailored for your needs


One payment for all your car transportation arrangement anywhere in Europe. From managing ground transportation for your next European corporate road show, to having the latest supercar of your choice delivered to your holiday retreat or a Mini for your city driving needs the ENSO Membership does it all for you.

Choose from 400 self-drive cars and a chauffeured fleet operating in 600 cities. Save time, even money and always get what you need where and when you need it.
It is an unparalleled service. Why not try it?


Choose from these options:


Ruby         -    available from EUR 7'500.-

Pearl         -    available from EUR 15'000.-

Platinum  -    available from EUR 30'000.-

Call Elite's reservation team to know more about the Enso membership and how you can benefit from Elite gold-standard service.

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