Tesla Motors is an American car manufacturer and one of the most recent to start selling mass-produced vehicles worldwide. The name of the company, Tesla, is rooted in the history of science and inspired by the defunct inventor and creator Nikolai Tesla. The main trait that separates Tesla Motors from the rest of the premium car market is the fact that tesla’s entire product line-up is all-electric and excludes any form of fossil fuel production. The electric motors used in their vehicles enable maximum efficiency to point that both range and usability with the big added benefit of producing zero emissions.


The range of Tesla car models started in 2009 with the development of a low-volume sports car, the Tesla Roadster. Then followed the Model S, the first sedan produced by Tesla, in 2012 proving once and for all that electric vehicles are viable and most likely will trace the path towards the future of clean personal transport. 

Rent Tesla Model 3

Luxury & Executive

Country : Switzerland

RENT Tesla Model 3 IN Switzerland

Consumption : 0 L/100km

Engine power : 346 hp

CO2 emission : 0 g/km

Seats : 5

Pieces of luggage : 4

Transmission : Automatic

The Model 3 is a compact electric sedan produced by Tesla and designed to compete with other small sedans from the likes of BMW, Mercedes and Audi. The Tesla model three unites the performance and benefits of an electric vehicle with the size and practicality of a city car. The Tesla Model 3‘s design is inspired from the 2 other models of the Tesla range, an example of which is the absence of a...

Starting at: CHF 320 per day

*Price applicable for minimal 7+ rental days



Rent Tesla Model X 90D

4x4 / SUV

Country : Switzerland

RENT Tesla Model X 90D IN Switzerland

Consumption : 0 L/100km

Engine power : 525 hp

CO2 emission : 0 g/km

Seats : 7

Pieces of luggage : 5

Transmission : Automatic

The Model X is a full-sized family SUV that can accommodate up to 7 passengers (driver included) at a time – two in the front, three in the middle and two in the back. The Model X is also vastly spacious in terms of luggage/boot space – a must for any SUV – especially with the last row of seats folded. However, do not forget both of the Model X's electric supply all the wheels with a total...

Starting at: CHF 360 per day

*Price applicable for minimal 7+ rental days


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