In 1914, four brothers came together to establish a company that would produce “luxury, sports and style cast in exclusive cars”, the name of the company: Maserati. Until 1940, Maserati specialized in making competition-winning racecars. The Second World War then broke out forcing the Italian car manufacturer to build other components that would go towards helping the war effort.


After the war, Maserati continued racing until 1957, a year that would change the company’s future. In 1957 a tragic crash during the Mille Miglia in which two pilots as well as spectators were killed during the race raising safety concerns and ultimately ending the race event altogether. The same year, Maserati perfected its first road car with the 3500GT. The company has since been bought and sold by the likes of Citroën, De Tommaso, Ferrari and Fiat.


Today Maserati is owned by Alfa Romeo as produces a range of luxury and performance vehicles such as the GranTourismo, Quattroporte, Ghibli and most recently even an SUV, the Levante. Maserati has a rich history which spans over a century, rent one for a day and discover the passion that makes these vehicles so special.

Rent Maserati Ghibli

Luxury & Executive

Country : Italy

RENT Maserati Ghibli IN Italy

Consumption : 11 L/100km

Engine power : 350 hp

CO2 emission : 255 g/km

Seats : 5

Pieces of luggage : 3

Transmission : Automatic

The name "Ghibli" is no stranger to the Maserati. The brand that sports Poseidon's trident as en emblem has given this very name to several cars over the years. The name resurfaced in 2011 with the launch of the all new sedan, now also brandishing the "Ghibli" moniker. ...

Starting at: € 640 per day

*Price applicable for minimal 7+ rental days

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