Aston Martin

Aston Martin is a British sports car manufacturer sin 1946. Their hand-made, driving creations-of-art have featured in many great movies, but perhaps the most famous have to be the James Bond series. Yes, the Aston Martin seems to be the sophisticated spy's road-weapon of choice, and today, it’s available for you to rent. Far from the 'wofty' luxury that other British hand-made cars boast, Aston Martin is more concerned with making sure the driver is awake and engaged with his machine. However, the craftsmanship that gives birth to each vehicle reminds us that they haven't forgotten the long-standing tradition.


While sticking to traditions is often the key to success for crafts-based businesses, Aston Martin does not neglect to innovate and makes sure it’s technology and performance matches modern industry standards. However, where Aston Martin does go above and beyond the industry standards can be seen through the care and attention to detail that has gone both into the sumptuous interior & exterior of the vehicle. To be clear, an Aston Martin is not an object made with practicality in mind but rather a symbol of one’s wealth and taste that announces one’s arrival wherever one goes. Rent one, you’ll find out.


Getting into an Aston Martin is special. Not because you'll feel like Mr. Bond himself (why not though?) but because the moment you start the engine, a prestigious adventure begins. Each car follows a specific recipe to ensure the quality and performance customers have come to expect. This includes a marvelous engine, which can be a V12 or a V8, fabulous design both interior and out, but most of all, the overall feeling of high-quality that can only be had with hand-made goods. Renting an Aston Martin is surely one of life's guilty pleasures but one which is well worth spending a weekend in.


Not often seen outside the garages of wealthy individuals, Aston Martins are rather rare within the world of rental cars but with Elite, you can hire an Aston Martin for that special occasion and wow everyone as you drive by! If it’s not the elegance and prestige you are going for, any Aston Martin will surely have the right power and dynamics to bring a smile to even the most experienced drivers’ faces. Don’t hesitate to call and ask about renting an astonishing Aston Martin, Elite is happy to help. Our team of dedicated reservation experts will make sure your rental experience with an Aston Martin is an unforgettable one.


Quick Tips:


V8 or V12? The more iconic Aston Martin engine is the V12, known for its smooth power delivery and mountains of torque. However, Aston Martin does have a history of building high-performance V8 and this not only translate into undeniable performance but can also improve handling as the weight of a care can go down by as much as 10%.


How does the handbrake work? The handbrake system in most Aston Martins can sometimes be difficult to get your head around. To operate the Aston Martin hand-brake, simply lift the lever on the left-hand side of the driver seat, push the button on the lever and push the lever down firmly.


Rent Aston Martin V8 Vantage S Roadster


Country : Switzerland

RENT Aston Martin V8 Vantage S Roadster IN Switzerland

Consumption : 13 L/100km

Engine power : 436 hp

CO2 emission : 296 g/km

Seats : 2

Pieces of luggage : 1

Transmission : Automatic

Do not be fooled by the baby Aston's cute demeanor as its retractable roof will provide you with all of the same tingling sensations that Aston Martins of the past did. The Vantage's V8 is a 4.7 liter, naturally-aspirated powerhouse with 436 hp and 490 NM of torque, able to get the Vantage form 0-100km/h in only 4.7 seconds. ...

Starting at: CHF 760 per day

*Price applicable for minimal 7+ rental days

Rent Aston Martin Vantage V8 S


Country : Italy

RENT Aston Martin Vantage V8 S IN Italy

Consumption : 13 L/100km

Engine power : 430 hp

CO2 emission : 296 g/km

Seats : 2

Pieces of luggage : 1

Transmission : Automatic

Don't be fooled by the baby Aston's small size for its engine more than compensate for any lack of imposing looks, and the sound... The Vantage's V8 is a 4.3 litre naturally aspirated powerhouse with 426 hp and 380 NM of torque, able to get the Vantage from 0-100km/h in only 4.7 seconds. But Aston Martins are not only about outright performance....

Starting at: € 790 per day

*Price applicable for minimal 7+ rental days

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