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Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland and one if it’s two primary financial hubs. The city also known for its involvement in the international community through the United Nations as well as a many international corporations basing their headquarters in Switzerland.

Initially founded as a Roman camp in the first century BCE, Geneva has been a center for travelers and culture for centuries. Geneva is home to amazing museums and theatres that speak of the city’s rich history. From to the failed invasion attempt of the Savoyards to the precious treasure of Swiss craftsmanship and ‘savoir-faire’, Geneva stays true to its identity while welcoming and hosting international institutions, people and values.

Geneva is a city like no other: the scenery is right off of a postcard and incredible views can be enjoyed from almost anywhere in the region. Experience driving along Lake Geneva’s lakeshore and see the traditional beauty of a Swiss town for yourself or take to the heights of Geneva’s hills for a panoramic display of the country’s famous landscapes.

Since its inception in 1987, Elite Rent-a-Car SA has kept its headquarters in Geneva. Both Car Rental and Chauffeured Services are on offer, giving clients a turnkey solution to their transport needs. Whether in need of a car to drive or to be driven in, Geneva is ideal for travelers wanting to explore many regions of Europe while being based out of one location. Rent a premium car with Elite in Geneva to be only a short driving distance from Italy, France, Germany and other famous European destinations.

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51, Rue des Pâquis, 1201 Geneva

Chauffeured Service Available in Geneva

Choose among our selection of limousines services in Geneva. From airport-downtown transfers, to as directed (hourly disposal) services, or point-to-point transfers in Geneva; Elite Chauffeured Services and its dedicated team are looking forward to welcoming you onboard!

See our services in Geneva below:

Point-to-Point Transfers

We provide short-distance and long-distance transfers between cities. A Point-to-Point Transfer is THE alternative to flights, trains, or the public transportation system; avoid the crowds

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VIP-Service at the airport

Save time and frustration with an Airport VIP Service. In association with the Horizon Swissport, Elite Chauffeured Services is ready to transport you from Door-to-Door

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Your Roadshow needs to be a success and must be executed according to your detailed itinerary. Our roadshow team has the experience and expertise to

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Meetings & Events

We have extensive experience in providing ground transportation for meetings and events. Whether you need to move one passenger or a few hundred, our 24/7

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Limousines available in Geneva

Our fleet in Geneva is composed of the latest and best sedans, vans, minivans, SUVs, as well as green or environmentally friendly vehicles. From the Mercedes S-Class and E-Class, to the BMW 7 Series, to the Mercedes-Benz V-Class, passing by the Tesla Model S and Model X; Elite Chauffeured Services has the right model to transport you in complete comfort, safety and confidentiality.

See our fleet in Geneva below:


Max 16 people
Max 16 luggage


Max 7 people
Max 7 luggage


Max 6 people
Max 6 luggage

Exceptional Limousine

Max 3 people
Max 3 luggage

Luxury Sedan

Max 3 people
Max 3 luggage

Executive Sedan

Max 3 people
Max 3 luggage

Need to know the price of a particular limousine service in Geneva?

Our rates and transparent and straight-forward; no hidden charges are involved. Rates are outlined for Downtown-Transfer services, as directed (hourly) services, and point-to-point services from Geneva, per vehicle category.

See our chauffeured services rates in Geneva below:

Have a specific request but not finding what you’re looking for? Contact us directly, our team will happy to quote your special request…

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