Country : Italy

  • technical

    Consumption : 7 L/100km

    Engine power : 211 100 hp

    CO2 emission : 174 g/km

    Seats : 8

    Pieces of luggage : 6-7

    Transmission : Automatic

    Driving wheels : All

    Convertible : No

    Max. speed : 206 Km/h

    Min. driver age : 25 years

    Engine capacity : 2.1 cc

    about the car

    The MPV market is full of many interesting propositions. All vans are practical in the sense that they can accommodate up to 6 or more passenger, a big plus for traveling families. But if you are after the best of best, at least on the MPV market, then look no further than the V Class. Capable of accommodating 8 people (including the driver), The V class doesn't come short on space, or anything else in terms of practicality.
    A revised interior makes the feel of the V class more congruous with the rest of Mercedes' fleet: A generally upscale atmosphere with the leather, high quality materials and comfortable ride we come to expect from Mercedes. As a family rental, the V Class can do it all, and with the added 4Matic four-wheel system, it can go on any road!
    Rent Mercedes-Benz V 250 CDI 4Matic in Venice, Italy with Elite Rent-a-Car. Discover Venice, Italy with one of our rental cars. Let us know where you would like to start your rental of the Mercedes-Benz V 250 CDI 4Matic and we will deliver your car anywhere in Venice, Italy. Come to us for your Mercedes-Benz V 250 CDI 4Matic hire in Venice, Italy

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