Zurich is Switzerland’s finanacial and and industrial capital. With a polpulation of over one million, it is the busiest and most active city in Switzerland. Given it’s metropolitan ambience and multicultural population, Zurich is meeting point for people from accross the world.

Since openning in Zurich in 1994, Elite expanded it’s operations throughout Switzerland. With both Car Rental and Chauffeured Services on offer, Elite Zurich is complete land transport solution for clients who required only the best and do not want to compromise.

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Schauffhauserstrasse 152, 8302 Zurich

Chauffered services available in Zurich

Choose among our selection of limousines services in Zurich. From airport-downtown transfers, to as directed (hourly disposal) services, or point-to-point transfers in Zurich; Elite Chauffeured Services and its dedicated team are looking forward to welcoming you onboard!

See our services in Zurich below:

Limousine available in Zurich

Our fleet in Zurich is composed of the latest and best sedans, vans, minivans, SUVs, as well as green or environmentally friendly vehicles. From the Mercedes S-Class and E-Class, to the BMW 7 Series, to the Mercedes-Benz V-Class, passing by the Tesla Model S and Model X; Elite Chauffeured Services has the right model to transport you in complete comfort, safety and confidentiality.

See our fleet in Zurich below:


Max 16 people
Max 16 luggage


Max 7 people
Max 7 luggage


Max 6 people
Max 6 luggage

Exceptional Limousine

Max 3 people
Max 3 luggage

Luxury Sedan

Max 3 people
Max 3 luggage

Executive Sedan

Max 3 people
Max 3 luggage

Need to know the price of a particular limousine service in Rome Zurich?

Our rates and transparent and straight-forward; no hidden charges are involved. Rates are outlined for Downtown-Transfer services, as directed (hourly) services, and point-to-point services from Zurich, per vehicle category.

See our chauffeured services rates in Zurich below:

Have a specific request but not finding what you’re looking for? Contact us directly, our team will happy to quote your special request…

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