Exceptional Limousine

Exceptional Limousine

Mercedes Maybach

Unparalleled luxury and comfort for your journey.

If one could imagine a lie-flat (or almost) business class seat in a car, chances are it wouldn’t fall short of what the Mercedes Maybach offers. The Maybach truly is the pinnacle of Mercedes-Benz’s limousine range.

Our fleet is completed by this vehicle, the crown jewel for limousine chauffeured services. The Maybach is the ultimate solution in terms of comfort on the road. The Maybach’s distinctive grill and chrome details aren’t the only tell-tale signs of a superior vehicles: the Maybach’s main advantage over a standard long S-Class is its extra 20cm of rear passenger space. The extra space enables the Maybach to offer more comfort and amenities than any other luxury limousine in the Mercedes range.

Your dedicated chauffeur will be delighted to drive you in your exceptional sedan for airport transfers, long distance transfers, as directed services (hourly), roadshows and all other limousine services. As per Elite’s standards, amenities available with each trip: Air Conditioning, Leather seats, Free bottled water, Free newspaper, Free Wi-Fi (or on request?), Assistance with your luggage.

Passengers: max. 3 people
Luggage: max. 3 medium luggage pieces
Leather seats
Free bottled water
Free news paper
Free wi-fi
Assistance with your luggage