Mercedes V-class or similar

When the need for practicality meets the need for comfort, our Van vehicles shine.

Often times, the need for comfort is paramount. Other times, the need for practicality out-ranks all other priorities. Thankfully, with Elite Chauffeured Services’ Van category, you will never be asked to compromise on either.

The vehicle most commonly proposed for services with this category is the Mercedes V-Class. With this category, up to six passengers can sit comfortably in the rear passenger area, with enough place for a piece of medium luggage each. There is place for one further passenger in front with the driver, in case of need. The interior of the vehicle can be laid out in two ways: 1. Saloon configuration, for face-to-face seating; or 2. Standard configuration, with all seats facing forward.

Your dedicated chauffeur will be delighted to drive you in your private luxury sedan for airport transfers, long distance transfers, as directed services (hourly), roadshows and all other limousine services.

As per Elite’s standards, amenities available with each trip: Air Conditioning, Leather seats, Free bottled water, Free newspaper, Free Wi-Fi (or on request?), Assistance with your luggage.

Passengers: max. 7 people
Luggage: max. 7 medium luggage pieces
Leather seats
Free bottled water
Free news paper
Free wi-fi
Assistance with your luggage