Since 1987 Elite Chauffeured Services delivers limousine services with a Swiss touch. With our first operations based out of Switzerland, we have gradually increased our presence in major cities in France and Italy; with our own drivers and our own cars. 

Elite Chauffeured Services has long been known for its distinctive personal touch. Our team and drivers constantly and consistently strive to improve the quality of our service. In order to serve you better we focus our efforts on three asserations:

You can trust us: 

We have more than 30 years’ experience in the limousine transport business. Our team of chauffeurs, reservation specialists and dispatchers are highly trained. We know each of our drivers personally. Our team anticipates your needs with proactive suggestions, industry expertise and robust oversight to streamline your experience. Our 24/7 service centre is ready to assist and serve you whenever and wherever you need. 

Our dedication to detail:

We know that travelling and taking a road trip can be a hassle and can cause aggravation. For this reason, our dedicated team focuses on each detail to make your trip as smooth as possible. Our team will make sure that:

– your driver is on time and wating for you 

– you get the vehicle you requested

– your driver already knows where you are going 

– you get your preferred driver 

The Personal touch:

Although we have expanded over the years, we are still a “boutique limousine service”. We care about you and you can talk to us directly. We do not believe in call centres located half-way around the world. We believe in the professionalism of a dedicated team in each of our stations. Talk directly to our team members, they are ready to help you.

Professional Drivers – Yes, you can trust our drivers

As a frequent traveller you are likely to meet an unfamiliar face when boarding a vehicle. Can you trust this driver? Does this driver know his/her way around? Will you arrive on time at your meeting or at the airport?

Our Driver Quality Program – Discover peace of mind with our professional drivers:

Elite Chauffeured Services fully understands your hesitations and recognizes the importance of the driver.  Travelling nowadays can be a hassle and can also be a risk. That is why for over 30 years we have been working together with our team of chauffeurs to consistently maintain and improve the quality of our drivers. We have created our own internal “Driver Quality Program” which guarantees these benefits for our customers:

  • Your chauffeur is a professional, insured and licenced driver
  • Your chauffeur is multilingual; they all speak English and the local language.
  • Your chauffeur has passed the federal background check and drug/alcohol testing
  • Your chauffeur has been trained by us to provide our standards of safe, personal transportation. Only the best become Elite chauffeurs. We personally know each of our driver; we know that each driver represents Elite’s core values; we know that each driver will give his/her best to cater to your needs. 
  • Your chauffeur is an experienced driver. 

He/she knows his/her way around, knows the shortcuts, knows the best way to avoid traffic jams and makes sure that you arrive on time at your location.

  • Your chauffeur is more than just a driver who brings you from A to B. 

Your driver is your “Concierge on the Road”; he/she can help you with tips, will help you with your luggage, can help you with shopping. The driver will take care of all the details in order to make sure that your road trip is smooth and that you arrive relaxed and on-time at your destination. 

  • Your chauffeur is absolutely discreet and will always fully respect your confidentiality. 

Do you like your driver? Would you like to have the same driver the next time?

No problem, we completely understand. We are happy to make sure that we will assign the same driver for your next trip. Most of our drivers have been working with us in excess of ten years and your driver will therefore be around for your next road trip.


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