Geneva to Monte-Carlo

4 Nights

3 Drivers

650 Kilometers

What you will experience:
Thrilling Roads
Starting in Geneva, Switzerland, this tour offers three full driving days, which means that the real enthusiasts will be able to eat their hearts out at the wheel of their dream supercar. The regions that you will be visiting along the way include a trip through France, specifically in the Parc du Verdon, the Maritimes Alps (including sections of road used for the Monte Carlo rally), as well as the Provence region of southern France. End the tour in glamourous Monaco where Formula 1 fans will have the unique opportunity on the very same street where the Monaco Grand Prix is held.

Pristine Panoramas
Incredible views and pristine panoramas are almost guaranteed at every stop. The itinerary is designed not only to excite car lovers but also to provide the most scenic experience the region has to offer. Some of the highlights will include sea-side roads to mountain passes, as well as exciting sweeping trails. This tour will surprise you with natural beauty at every stop.

Ultimate relaxation
Each night during the tour is spent in a different hotel. With a mix of four and five-star hotels. Comfort will not be a problem. Feel free to ask us more about the accommodation, we are happy to assist you with your perfect tour!

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