Rent an Exceptional Car in Dubai

Discover why our customers rent EXCEPTIONAL cars in
Dubai with us.
Are you a frequent traveler and need the assurance that your next rental of a supercar in
Dubai goes well and flawlessly?

 Are you tired of standard and

boring exotic car rental models
? Our customers appreciate the diversity of our luxury car rental fleet, the ease of hiring a
performance car
in Dubai.


dedication to detail ensures that your car rental in Dubai turns out to be a smooth experience
fleet in Dubai


Car models with the 

special touch

Choose from a selection of vehicles including the Bentley Continental GTC

Ferrari Portofino

Lamborghini Huracan Evo

or the Ferrari F8 Spyder

Rent the car of your dreams with Elite Rent-a-Car.

Our fleet management team is always looking for car models with the extra touch. For this season, you can hire the beauties below:

Ferrari Portofino
United Arab Emirates
Engine power: 600HP
Top speed: 320km/h
Seats: 2
Luggage: 2 pieces

FROM 3 550AED/day

Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder
United Arab Emirates
Engine power: 640HP
Top speed: 325km/h
Seats: 2
Luggage: 1 pieces

FROM 4 690AED/day

Bentley Continental GTC
United Arab Emirates
Engine power: 635HP
Top speed: 333km/h
Seats: 4
Luggage: 2 pieces

FROM 2 550AED/day

Dubai is the ideal starting point for your car rental.
Dubai, a dazzling metropolis on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, stands as a testament to human ambition and innovation. Renowned for its futuristic skyline punctuated by iconic structures such as the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, and the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab, Dubai seamlessly blends modernity with traditional Arab culture. This global hub of finance, commerce, and luxury tourism showcases a unique juxtaposition of ultra-modern architecture, expansive shopping malls, and ancient markets like the bustling souks. The city is surrounded by vast deserts, offering opportunities for exhilarating desert safaris and showcasing the emirate's commitment to sustainability with projects like the Dubai Sustainable City. Beyond its opulent lifestyle, Dubai hosts a multicultural population, fostering a diverse and inclusive atmosphere. From the Palm Jumeirah's artificial archipelago to the vibrant cultural events at the Dubai Opera, this city continually captivates visitors with its dynamic spirit and unwavering pursuit of excellence.
Your advantages when renting a EXCEPTIONAL car
in Dubai with Elite Rent-a-Car:
• Our Model Guarantee – you get the EXCEPTIONAL
car model in Dubai that you booked.
The rental of a supercar can be a disappointing experience. Very often you don’t get the
EXCEPTIONAL model you booked. Not with us.
If you book the Bentley Continental GTC
in Dubai,
then you will get the Bentley Continental GTC.
• No queuing to get your favourite exotic car
hire car in Dubai.
Ask our team for our personalized delivery & collection service for your luxury car rental.
We deliver the EXCEPTIONAL car to your hotel, business, home

address in downtown

Tell us when and where you would like to receive your performance car

rental and one of our staff will deliver it to your 

Dubai address.
Do you want to speak to one of our representatives in Dubai?
Our car rental fleet in Dubai
isn’t limited to EXCEPTIONAL cars. See our extensive fleet of luxury rental vehicles…

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Mercedes-Benz G800 Brabus
United Arab Emirates

FROM 4 120AED/day

Toyota Land Cruiser 300
United Arab Emirates

FROM 1 290AED/day

Ford Bronco
United Arab Emirates

FROM 1 000AED/day

Chevrolet Tahoe
United Arab Emirates

FROM 1 000AED/day

Cadillac Escalade
United Arab Emirates

FROM 1 700AED/day

Mercedes-Benz C-class Convertible
United Arab Emirates

FROM 850AED/day