Ferrari Portofino

France (Paris)

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  • Puissance CV : 600 HP
  • Vitesse maximale : 320 Km/h
  • Sièges : 2
  • Bagages : 2
  • Propulsion : Arrière
  • Transmission : Automatique
  • c02 emissions : 245 g/Km
  • Cabriolet : Oui


Day based pricing : 2021-E8-PARIS-FRENCH
1 - 3 days : 1 850 / Day
4 - 6 days : 1 670 / Day
7 - 999 days : 1 480 / Day

De  1 480 / jour (tarif semaine)
200 km/jour

Date / Heure de Départ
Date / Heure de Retour
Le montant sera calculé après avoir sélectionné: la période & le lieu
Les frais de livraison et/ou de retour n'ont pas pu être calculés par notre système. Un agent Elite vous contactera sous peu avec un devis complet.
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The Portofino is the new convertible hardtop Ferrari that is set to take center-stage in the prancing horse’s magnificent fleet. The engine’s ‘Hot-V’ configuration means that the turbochargers nestled inside the V of the 3.9 liter V8 has the effect of dramatically reducing turbo lag and increasing power to an amazing 600 prancing ponies! The Portofino, however, is not all and only engine: its handling characteristics are superior those of the outgoing California T and provide the sensations one can expect when at the wheel of a prancing horse. Ferrari has made a priority of elevating the cabin to a higher standard. The Ferrari Portofino’s interior reveals a plethora top-quality materials, design and technology. All of the best components of a Ferrari interior are present including the iconic steering wheel, center mounted tachometer and sturdy paddle shifters. However, the star of the show and most notable improvement, is the massive 10.4-inch touchscreen display that provides great functionality and ease of use. Rent the Ferrari Portofino in Paris, Charles de Gaule Airport, ORLY Airport, Reims, Lille or anywhere in the North of France with Elite Rent-a-Car. The perfect Ferrari for a sunny day out is waiting for you to prance around the Parisian area!

Franchise TP1

18 500 EUR

Franchise TP2

11 100 EUR


Total Kilomètres Inclus : 200

Minimum age

Age Minimum : 28 ans


Franchise de base avec Assurance 1


Franchise réduite avec Assurance 2

Extra Kilometer

Kilomètre Extra : 7,4 EUR