Luxury & Executive

Country : Italy

  • technical

    Consumption : 9 L/100km

    Engine power : 455 hp

    CO2 emission : 219 g/km

    Seats : 5

    Pieces of luggage : 3

    Transmission : Automatic

    Driving wheels : Rear

    Convertible : No

    Max. speed : 250 Km/h

    Min. driver age : 25 years

    Engine capacity : 4.7 cc

    Credit Cards Req. : 2



    about the car

    Mercedes-Benz S 500

    With the most recent redesign of the S Class in 2013, Mercedes-Benz has once again taken center stage in the luxury limousine market. With its elegant and modern design we see how the previous generations of the model have evolved into this new body work. The interior of the car is where most of the changes can be noted. Whilst the S Class has always been known for its plush interior, this generation really makes a step up in terms of design and passenger oriented comfort.
    From the two 14 inch navigation displays to the ambient lighting throughout the cabin, the S Class is clearly focused on providing the utmost in terms of relaxation for passengers and drivers alike. If prestige, comfort and usability is required, then the rental of an S Class becomes a necessity.
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