Country : Germany

  • technical

    Consumption : 11 L/100km

    Engine power : 670 hp

    CO2 emission : 260 g/km

    Seats : 2

    Pieces of luggage : 1

    Transmission : Automatic

    Driving wheels : Rear

    Convertible : No

    Max. speed : 330 Km/h

    Min. driver age : 30 years

    Engine capacity : 3.9 cc

    Credit Cards Req. : 2



    about the car

    Ferrari 488 GTB

    Ferrari, the most widely recognized sports car manufacturer in the world launches a new mid-engine supercar every 5 years. In 2010, the tradition continued with the 488 GTB, soon followed by the mesmerizing 488 GTB Spider. With a 4.5 L naturally aspirated V8 producing in excess of 670 hp, the 488 GTB can reach 100km/h from a standstill in a blistering 3.5 seconds.
    Whats more astounding is the 488 GTB can do all of this while giving you the open-top thrills that convertibles are so pleasant for. Furthermore, with the top down, you will hear the beautiful throaty engine note form the Ferrari's V8 powerhouse of an engine. Rent the Ferrari 488 for the an intense driving experience that will have you breathless and asking for more of it.
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